Write a book review on Amazon in a fair and easy way

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Never wrote a book review on Amazon before? Don’t mind,, I’ll show you how to write a useful book review easy on Amazon in minutes. With your feedback, you can support me as an author. Because your feedback – a few words or lines- really helps a lot. If you prefer, you can do so without revealing your real name. Read on to learn how to write a book review on Amazon in a fair and easy way.

Your vote counts! It helps others and me

On this occasion, I’d express my many thanks that you placed your trust in me and bought one of my books.

Reviews help others with their purchase decision

Honestly, when you buy a product, don’t you look at the comments that other buyers have written about a product? And if in doubt, do you prefer products with more product reviews? This is called social proof – because others have bought a product and found it good, it can’t be bad. The product is accepted by others, so you also accept it. It’s the same with books. Books without book reviews are much less popular than those with reviews. The more reviews a book has, the better it sells.

Reviews yield more visibility on Amazon

Amazon is a one of the biggest search engines. The search engine considers a book as relevant and accordingly shows it more prominently in search results if it has many reviews. In consequence, the book is highlighted, suggested, and shown to more potential readers. With your review, you won’t only help others to make a good purchase decision, but also enable them to find the book at all.

Do you think my books already have sufficient reviews and your feedback doesn’t matter? Wrong. Any further review is important. YOUR review is important. Because for the display of the book on Amazon, it’s not only the absolute number of feedbacks that is important but also that new ones are added continuously. Your vote counts. At any time.

Positive feedback increases my motivation as an author

Feedback motivates me because it reveals that you benefit from my efforts as an author. Finally, with the books in the Private Finances series, I would like to share my decades of experience with you so that you can benefit immediately. Managing, making and investing money in the capital markets and preparing for retirement shouldn’t be holy secrets to a few. By providing me with positive feedback, you actively help me stay motivated to write more books.

You can write a fair book review on Amazon easy

Don’t worry. You can write a book review quickly and easily, too! It’s not rocket science and can be done in minutes. You don’t have to write an appreciation of the book across the genre, either. So, your feedback doesn’t have to be particularly long.

It just takes a few honest, authentic words about what you liked with the book.

Thomas Walke

Your review should be useful for potential readers. Amazon will ask you for a star rating, which is quite important for some readers when they decide whether to buy a book. Honestly, there’s probably not too many books out there that merit five stars or one-star ratings. But I rather award 5 stars, even if the book is not perfect-perfect. Because how many perfect books do exist? Not too many. Also, try to overcome your ego in judging hard on the author and think a second about how much effort he put into writing the book. Your review should help other readers to find the book they look for – and with your review, you can help them to achieve this.

Your feedback should be fair. What do I mean with fair? I think you should measure the book against what the author intended to write, and not against what you expected or wished to read. For example, if you read a non-fiction book written for beginners, as a more advanced reader you shouldn’t complain about missing specifics that the author may have deliberately left out to keep it understandable for the broad public. Or if the book conveys an approach to implementing a framework, you should accept that you have to tailor this framework to fit your personal situation (be it your marital status, your country, or whatsoever).

Write a book review on Amazon easy: key questions about the content

Would you like some ideas on what you can write about in your review? How about an answer to one or two of the following topics? As said, you don’t have to write long texts in the book review, so you don’t have to answer all  questions. Just write a line or two why you bought the book and or what you learned or why you can recommend the book to others.

  • Who are you (e.g. student, young professional, married, single)?
  • How does the book help you to achieve your goals?
  • What did you learn about your finances by reading this book?
  • How long did it take you to read the book? How did it feel like reading?
  • Which ideas presented appeal to you the most?
  • bonus material on the website: what do you like about it?

When does Amazon accept a book review?

Have you ever bought something on Amazon? Great. Because you need to have spent $ 50 in sales at least with Amazon for them to publish your review. That’s the only condition. This prevents bots or other fake accounts from writing book reviews. Even if you didn’t buy the book on Amazon (e.g. received it as a preprint), you can provide a valuable book review. Your review will then be missing the “verified purchase” sign – don’t worry too much about that.

Write your book review for my most recent book now

Please take a few minutes now and support me. The button leads you directly to the product review page on Amazon for my most recent book. Click the button, log into your standard Amazon account. Then, add a headline to your comment and write a few personal thoughts that will help others to buy the book. Again, your thoughts can be brief. Remember, all that other readers want to know is that you read the book and why you (hopefully) enjoyed it. And if so, why? You don’t need to write many fancy words to bring this message across, it can be just ordinary language, simple words.

By the way, you can freely choose the name that will appear next to your rating before publication. Some people prefer to make up a name, and that’s fine. Of course, you can revise your review later on. THANKS.

Not Sure yet?

Drop me a line and we get the job done! Would you rather prefer not to give your feedback on Amazon? Then I’ll be happy to include your testimonial on this website, which is also very helpful.