Retire Early – The Simple Guide

Get into a position of independence & choice. Spend your time meaningful

Discover invaluable insights into how your early retirement is possible. Retire Early – The Simple Guide reveals the exact steps of how everyone can do it. You too.

Want more spare time in your best years? And a more fulfilling life with family, friends, or travels?

Don’t trust social security systems? Do you believe they will not provide enough funds for your pension?

Want independence from a more demanding and less rewarding job market?

After reading this book, you can start to make your way to financial independence. If you look for simple answers to complicated questions, this book is right for you.


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Why read Retire Early – The Simple Guide

Learn how all elements work together. Step-by-step and with simple language. Learn why the method proposed works. And how you can implement it, too.

Reader testimonials

Readers rate the book as excellent and very practical. It is understandable, makes your mind think, and is both for career starters and those already on their FI journey.

Bonus resources complement the book (in the making).

Your benefits from the book

A proven approach

Our method will answer your pressing questions: how long do you need to work before you can retire and how much money do you need? How can you speed up your retirement? What do you need to do?

Step-by-step blueprint

Profit from a step-by-step blueprint inside the book. We reveal the blueprint and walk you through all the necessary steps to make your financial independence plan come true.

No software needed

You don’t need to buy software, apps, or other fancy stuff to make financial independence come true. It only needs you

Suitable to your situation

Extensive historical simulation over the last 150 years shows proof of our method. You’ll understand how the approach works and how you can adapt it to your individual situation.

Enjoy the trip, not only the goal

We advocate a balanced approach to your goal to protect your life now and prevent you from burning out on your journey.

Bonus material

Figures, tables, tips show you what’s important. As a reader, you can use our retirement simulators and download additional bonus material to the book on the website.

Order info

Available on Amazon worldwide. Free shipping e.g. to Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.