Retire Early- The Simple Guide: Reader Testimonials

Chapeau! I think it’s a very well done book. A few comments in the text – I hope you can use some of them.
While reading, it spurred me on to take another look myself how to get my savings rate up. I would like to discuss this with you to learn from “Swiss best practices”.


Christoph, Zurich

Advanced Review Team

I think the book is excellent overall; you have a great level of detail and practicality! I particularly like the section about not forgetting to live life now; it’s important and unusual to see in such a book.


Seán, Zurich

Advanced Review Team / native Editor

Absolutely first class! It’s about exactly the points you promise. Of course, nobody can do magic so I like that it stays on the ground of reality. Congrats on that. You get to the heart of the matter in a pretty understandable way. I don’t fully agree with the increase income section. But the book is consistent and thought-provoking … everyone should be able to calculate their FY-Day.


Reto, Bern

Advanced Review Team

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