Retire Early – The Simple Guide: For whom is this book

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Many people are starting to question the traditional approach to working until the pension age. Is work and earning money the purpose of life? Or is it only a means to an end? So people wonder, whether or not they can overcome traditional patterns of thought and stop working before standard retirement. Their motivations are manifold.

Do you want to retire before the pension age? You want more available time for activities you enjoy before you get old? Do you look for a proven recipe that works in Europe too? This book shows how it’s possible to achieve this.


Want more spare time in your best years to enjoy a more fulfilling life with your family, friends and / or travels?


Don’t trust social security systems and believe they will less likely provide the funds to cover your decent retirement?


Search for independence from a more demanding and less rewarding job market and want to spend time meaningful?

Whom we wrote this book for

  • career starters that want to develop a plan for a prospering financial future,
  • couples that search for a way to jointly enjoy their best years in a rich life full of satisfying experiences and explore the world,
  • experienced professionals that look for an option to check out from the ever-more demanding nine-to-five rat race and want to reach a position of choice,
  • people from middle-class who have understood that it is better for their retirement to trust in themselves instead of shaky social security systems,
  • young women who prefer to take their financial future into their own hands instead of following traditional life models, which too often end up in divorces and broken finances,
  • anyone that would like to calculate his future retirement spending.

Penny-Pinching or being a high income-earner is not a prerequisite

It is unfortunately true that while possible for everybody, some people will have some advantages to amass the necessary capital to retire early. High-income earners will find it easier to quickly save enough money for retirement. And highly frugal or penny-pinching people will find it easier to save enough money, even with a lower income. Also, some countries are more suited to such journey than others. Therefore, while it could take some people less than ten years to retire early, some people will need several decades. But retiring early is per se not a privilege to high-income earners or penny-pinchers. You can make it too. Its your savings rate that matters.

Financial expertise is not a prerequisite

You neither need to be a financial expert nor have experience with stock market investments. All you need is an eagerness to achieve your goals and the readiness to turn the stock market into your money machine. While our strategy is simple, it is not easy. Retiring early requires dedication.

Retire Early – The Simple Guide

Get into a position of independence & choice. Spend your time meaningful. Discover invaluable insights into how your early retirement is possible. Retire Early – The Simple Guide reveals the exact steps of how everyone can do it.

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