I’m very happy you ‘re interested in the Dare2Gemba Book. As a Lean professional, I have contributed my experience and learnings in Swisscom’s Lean Transformation in a full chapter.

The DARE2GEMBA methodology is the result of a two-year collaborative research project carried out by the Lean Analytics Association (LAA), gathering direct insights from Gemba-based learning experiences across nine companies located in Europe and the American continent, together with a survey responded by 60 organizations from 18 different industries around the world.

Gemba (現場) is the Japanese term for “actual place” often used in business to identify the place where the value is created. This term is used to stress that improvements require the direct observation of current conditions where work is done. The main objective of this research project was to investigate how leading organizations across different industries have successfully structured and embedded the Gemba Walk practice in order to share this breakthrough niche knowledge to foster the purpose of collective improvement and open innovation.

This book looks forward to transporting readers to nine organizations located in different countries, which have shared their experiences about how they kicked off and carry out Gemba Walks, impacting their teams by empathizing with their employees’ problems and by engaging them in solving such problems in a collaborative way. It is not intended for lean experts only; on the contrary, it aims to inspire all leaders around the globe to kick off Gemba Walks towards continuous improvement.